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Bathroom Nenovations Bloemfontein

Project: Zero to Hero

We love it when a client approaches us and says 'everything must go'. When a bathroom is 37 years old, it's due for an upgrade. We had to remove the tiles, all fixtures and install modern tiles and fit all new fixtures and fittings.

Toilet Area
- Remove tiles and all fixtures
- Install a basin and tap (some create drilling required)
- Install new toilet with accessories and of course, tile the entire area.

Bathroom Area
- Remove the bath tub, basin and all the tiles
- Do the impossible and fit an additional toilet, floating basin and shower
- Fit all accessories and tile from the floor to the ceiling
- Furthermore, fit some cornice as well to round off the project

Time period allowed: 7 days. Impossible? Here, hold my beer ...

Project Details

  • Date: February 2021
  • Location: Langenhovenpark, Bloemfontein
  • Budget: R50,000
  • Plumber: Devan Esterhuizen

Project Planning

Extra care had to be taken as the tenant was still occupying the property during the project.

Day 1: Preperation for the project and removal of tiles

Day 2: Removal of fittings/fixtures. Chasing in walls and concrete floor

Day 3: Fit new plumbing pipes

Day 4: Building of shower floor and getting everything ready for tiling

Day 5 & 6: Tiling of bahtroom

Day 7: Installation of shower, toilets and basin. Fitment of all fixtures (toilet paper holder, towl rings, taps etc.)

Bathroom Nenovations Bloemfontein
The 'after' of the renovatioin process.

Bathroom Renovation Done & Dusted

The cost to upgrade a bathroom in Bloemfontein in 2021.

We managed to fulfill all the clients' needs. From adding an additional basin, toilet to finishing off the project with the much needed cornice. We arranged everything from the removal of the tiles, skip hire and project management. Not only did the bathroom renovation add value to the clients' property, but also a justified rental increase.

If you need a qualified plumber to assist with your next bathroom renovation, give DC Plumbing a call at: 071 353 9184.